So…what’s this game about?

Gird Thyself! is a 1-4 player, roguelite dungeon hack-n-slash…with a sense of humor. You were once a valiant warrior, but now you’re retired. Reliving past victories through a stupor of ale at the local tavern. After another routine night, you stumble out the door for home, but wake up robbed, stripped, and left for dead in a hole in the ground….this is where your adventure begins.


Some game features

  • Light RPG elements that allow you to shape your character. Will you be nimble and quick, or a glass cannon?
  • 50+ items and clothing to equip with special buffs, abilities, and effects. Hey, if the brassiere fits the Barbarian…why not?
  • You have 10 fingers, why only wear one ring? Equip up to 10 rings to mold your character to your style of play.
  • 4 classic characters: Barbarian, Huntress, Thief, and Wizard. With more to come!
  • Why only one staff? Equip the Wizard with 2 staves then combine them for a more devastating attack!
  • Over 9 uniquely themed levels with random elements.
  • As time played increases, so does the difficulty.
  • Humorous and deadly enemy hordes to pummel and inflict great pain upon.
  • That pixel art we all love!

Jason Costner
Game design and artist
Artist and animator


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